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Pet Santa Photos | Alexandria Pet Photographer

Alison DeSilva

In early December we volunteered to take pictures for the annual event hosted by Animal Welfare League of Alexandria and Olde Town School for Dogs.  DeSilva Studios has been involved with this event for several years.  And each year our cheeks hurt from smiling! 

Two Beagles and a Bird! | Alexandria Pet Photographer

Alison DeSilva

Earlier this summer I had a great time photographing two beagles and a bird!  During the photo session I kept hearing a whistle.  After hearing it a couple of times I asked the owner where it was coming from... it turned out they had a pet bird that was whistling at me!  I was so amused that I had to take some shots of the bird too!

And as it turned out I had met these two beagles before.  They are regulars at the Santa Pet Photo Event hosted by The Olde Town School for Dogs that I have been shooting for the past 5 years.  It is a charity event for the Animal League of Alexandria

Horses, Cows & Falcons | Washington DC Pet Photographer

Alison DeSilva

I went to Taos, NM last week and had an amazing time photographing just about every animal I could find.  Mainly, my subjects were horses, cows  & falcons with majestic mountains in the background.  I have always enjoyed capturing whimsy (see cow picture) but the elegance and beauty of a band of wild horses almost stole the show.