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About DeSilva Studios

DeSilva Studios is a DC Metro Area-based pet & family photography studio run by owner and founder, Alison. DeSilva Studios had an unconventional beginning  at local humane societies and animal welfare shelters!  Giving in to her love for animals big and small, Alison began photographing dogs and cats to help the welfare leagues post realistic images that would lead to adoptions. In the process, Alison fell in love with a dog and photography. Alison expanded her family to adopt Coco, a rotti-mix. And, she grew her photography hobby into a business! Her images went on to gain nation-wide attention, winning photo awards and contests.  

Then Alison's business expanded after volunteering at her son's Montessori School taking student and family photos, Alison has emerged as one of Northern Virginia's premier class and individual student photographers.  Known for her keen eye for timelessness and artistic expression, Alison is able to capture your child's unique style and personality in a way that shines through in every photo.  

For the past ten years Alison has been photo-documenting pets and their people. Sought after for her signature look classic, timeless, emotive, black and whites Alison books quickly.  

At DeSilva Studios, pets are family. As a pet owner, Alison understands the joy animals give us every day. Her images do the same. Whether your family includes a pet or a child, Alison's images allow you to experience their beauty, character and charm.  Dogs, cats, fish, hamsters: pets  family love.

Pets — Family — Love