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Take Me Home! | Alexandria Pet Photographer

Alison DeSilva

These adorable guys are just a few of the animals that are available for adoption at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.  Every couple of weeks I will be going to the AWLA to take pictures for their web site.  Several other professional photographers are donating their time to do this as well.  I love taking pictures of our adobtable furry friends.  Yet the first question I am often asked is "How can you do that... Don't you want to take all the animals home with you?"  Of course I do... but reality dictates otherwise.  But I get so much out of the experience.  These animals are so resilient.  And some need more socialization skills - so if I can help them be one step closer to being adopted sign me up!  Also the images we produce for the AWLA are available for purchase by those that adopt them.  All proceeds go back to the AWLA.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do... and I will be posting more through out the year!